Monday, June 02, 2008

Another FAKE calling herself a Native or Cherokee Artist

This is how FAKE Indian Artists steal the Identity of true Native American Artists.

They not only hold themselves out as Indian or Cherokee but then claim to be an authority on our art; notice she never mentions she is not a member of any tribe - by this non statement she implies she is a tribal member:

This is her resume, yet she tells everyone she does not sell her work:,2477,300803-18510-20942,00.html,1366,28156-4390-20942,00.html

These are all lost opportunities for enrolled tribal artists and a continuing misrepresentation to the public that her work is authentic.

Check her out live on YouTube:

Robin McBride Scott will be coming to Muskogee to give a presentation at the Five Civilized TribesMuseum. The presentation will be called "Rivercane Usage by Native Peoples and will begin on June 27, 2008.

Let the Five Civilized Tribes Museum know you disapprove of their support of artists that are not Authentic Indian/Native Artists: